Button young

My name is Benjamin Button,... and I was born under unusual circumstances. While everybody else was aging, I was gettin' younger... all alone!

- Ben, from trailer

Benjamin "Ben" Button, (born November 11 1918- Spring, 2003, is the main character/protagonist of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Born at WWI's end, (Armistice Day), with the appearance/health issues of an elderly man in his 80s', he grew much healthier (his body growing younger), as the years passed.



On November 11 1918, Ben was born with the freaky appearance of an eighty-four year old man. His father Thomas promised the mother Caroline that Ben will have a safe place to live, but abandoned him; laying the baby on the steps of a nursing home, leaving eighteen dollars for the person who takes care of him. Queenie, who runs the nursing home, along with her boyfriend Tizzy Weathers finds Ben and decides to raise him as her own son. Inside, Queenie lays Ben in her bedroom drawer, while she gets a doctor who happens to be there. He reports several health issues, relating to that of "a man well in his 80s' on his way to the grave".

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